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Class: Events

Defined in: adventure/Events.js, line 13

We only fire a few events, all at the beginning and end of a turn: inputEnter, inputParseBegin, inputParseComplete, and inputQueueNext (which fires between queued inputs). Authors can hook into these to run custom code. For example, you could write a series of random in-game background events tied to specific Rooms, to print additional text to the Display after parsing has completed.


MyGame.reactor.addEventListener('inputParseComplete', function()
  var random = Math.random() * 100;
  switch ( 
    case "Frigid Wastes":
      if( random < 10 ) 
          "You're struck by a flash of blinding light as  
          sunlight reflects off the packed ice.", "random" 
    case "Desert Wastes":
      if( random > 5 && random < 10 ) 
          "Heat haze shimmers off the distant dunes.", "random" 
      else if( random > 10 && random <  15 ) 
          "You feel the sand shift beneath your feet.", "random" 

Private Constructor:

var foo = new adventurejs.Events(game)


  • game Game
    A reference to the game instance.
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game :Object

Defined in: adventure/Events.js, line 67

Default value: {}

A reference back to the main Game object.
inputEnter :Event

Defined in: adventure/Events.js, line 74

Event to be fired on player enters input.
inputParseBegin :Event

Defined in: adventure/Events.js, line 81

Event to be fired on input parse begin.
inputParseComplete :Event

Defined in: adventure/Events.js, line 88

Event to be fired on input parse complete.
inputQueueNext :Event

Defined in: adventure/Events.js, line 95

Event to be fired on queue next input when parsing a queue.
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