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Class: Electronics

Extends: adventurejs.Electronics

Defined in: adventure/assets/tangibles/things/Electronics.js, line 6

Public Constructor:

MyGame.createAsset({ "class":"Electronics", "name":"foo", [...] })

Electronics is a minimally specialized subclass of Thing, meant for building more complex electronic classes such as radios and computers.

Private Constructor:

var foo = new adventurejs.Electronics(game_name, name)

Though all in-game glasses use a standard constructor method under the hood, it's unlikely that you'd need to call it directly. To create an instance of the Electronics class, it must be defined in a game file as a generic object. That object will be used at runtime to construct a new game class instance, which will be validated and initialized before adding it to the Game. See above for the public constructor, or see Game#createAsset to learn more.


  • game_name String
    The name of the top level game object.
  • name String
    A name for the object, to be serialized and used as ID.
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