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Class: Phrase

Defined in: adventure/dictionary/Phrase.js, line 6

Framework class

Phrase is a special class used while parsing Input to refer to and set rules for noun / preposition pairs.

Private Constructor:

var foo = new adventurejs.Phrase()
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accepts_noun :Boolean

Defined in: adventure/dictionary/Phrase.js, line 55

Default value: false

If accepts_noun is true, the verb will accept a noun for this phrase. If requires_noun is false, verb will work with one noun or no nouns.
Examples: "look" or "look north"
accepts_preposition :Boolean

Defined in: adventure/dictionary/Phrase.js, line 74

Default value: false

If accepts_preposition is true, it is possible, but not required, to accept a preposition with noun3.
accepts_preposition_without_noun :Boolean

Defined in: adventure/dictionary/Phrase.js, line 82

Default value: false

If accepts_preposition_without_noun is true, parser will accept a preposition that has no corresponding noun.
"fly over"
noun_must_be :adventurejs.NounMustBe

Defined in: adventure/dictionary/Phrase.js, line 114

Default value: false

When the player enters a verb and one or more nouns, the parser will perform disambiguation to determine what game object(s) match the player's input. You can use these qualifiers to narrow down potential matches. For example, if your verb only acts on tangible objects, like "take" for instance, then set "tangible: true". If your verb only applies to characters, like "talk to", then uncomment "character: true". For more information, see NounMustBe. For more information about creating Verbs or modifying Verbs, see How to Use Verb Subscriptions, How to Use Verb Phase Hooks, How to Use Verb Event Hooks, Verb Anatomy, Verb Process, or How to Modify Verbs.
requires_preposition :Boolean

Defined in: adventure/dictionary/Phrase.js, line 93

Default value: false

If requires_preposition is true, a preposition must be provided with noun3.
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