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Document featuring a Roadmap, or list of future development, for Adventurejs. roadmap


Future development of Adventure.js


Please note that the version of Adventure.js on this website is a pre-release version. Though the site offers some examples and code downloads, Adventure.js is still under heavy development. Notably, many of the verbs still need logic to be finalized, and there is no support yet for interacting with NPCs.

Adventure.js is an evolving platform (you might even say it's "incomplete"). Here's a list of things we plan to add in the future.

  • Conversation system
    • Directed dialog / multiple choice
    • Dialog choices selected from an emotional spectrum, based on Plutchik's Model
  • NPCs
    • ask about / tell about
    • tell NPC to...
    • AI logic, including goals, personas, pathing with ability to lock/unlock doors, stealing / dropping assets
  • Weather, including day/night cycles, wind, rain and snow, light levels
  • Logic for underwater environments: buoyancy, floating, sinking, oxygen consumption
  • Logic for zero gravity environments: floating, collisions, micro gravity
  • Crafting: SubstanceMixer currently uses the mixwith property to mix two substances into a third, using a simple lookup method. We can build on this with a more advanced crafting system.
  • Build to mobile app: investigate easiest paths for building a game to a mobile app, possibly using Flutter or React Native. Adventure.js is written in plain ES6 Javascript and the desire is not to rewrite it but simply to display games in an ordinary webview in an app wrapper.
  • Obfuscate code: for authors who may not want their code left human readable
  • Accessibility compliance per Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, to ensure that Adventure.js games can be played with screen readers
  • Multi-lingual support: it was an early goal but only got harder the deeper the system got. Turns out it's really hard to handle multi-lingual support in a grammar based parsing system.
  • GUI for creating games through drag & drop and params pulldown menus
  • Online service with user accounts to host GUI and save games-in-development

To make suggestions / recommendations / ask for new features, email